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3. Technology

We have a great sound, why wouldn't we share it with the best products?

Are you searching technology for the products such as speakers, workspace, office pod, smart furniture? With the Acustom audio modules we are able to modify the solution for customer’s need.

According to Acustom’s audio design philosophy:

-flat frequency response

-optimal power response

-linear phase response

are the most important factors for high quality sound. By controlling these parameters the life-like and pure audio experience can be produced.

"The best loudspeakers for stereo sound reproduction are those that disappear chameleon-like from the listening room and simultaneously withdraw attention from the room. What remains is an acoustic scene of phantom sources and spaces in front of the listener; an illusion that the brain creates from the naturalness of the sonic cues imbedded in the recording, which the two loudspeakers reproduce."

Siegfried Linkwitz

What we can offer to your project?

1. Mechanical design

2. Rapid prototyping – 3D-printing

3. Qualified speaker drivers for different applications

4. Class-D amplifier with customized DSP

5. Controls for the application: volume, DSP-controls, Bluetooth, etc.

6. Connectivity options, both wired and wireless

For more information

+358 50 449 7608