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SUPERIOR sound quality, stylish design and ease of use are the key factors in designing Acustom speakers. Crystal clear sound combined to an almost indefinitely customizable outer dome makes an Acustom speaker an elegant interior design element that fits any space perfectly.


ACUSTOM speakers make listening to music an outstanding experience, be it in your kitchen, living room or office. By using DSP-based bass curve and treble controls the speakers can easily be adjusted to different spaces. Choose between FURA and COAX depending on your listening habits.


THE STEEL outer cover, DOME, attaches magnetically to the 3D-printed speaker housing. DOME is available in various different colors and surface materials, such as concrete, leatherette and rusty steel. You can even get it in just base layer coating, so you can finish it completely according to your own preferences.


PLACING your speaker is almost as important as choosing the right speaker. Our speakers always include a 3D-printed desktop stand which works more than fine, but then again, there are options to enhance your interior's aesthetics. Our desktop and floor stands are 100% Finnish birch plywood.


ACCESSORIES like cable kits are also available.