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28.10.2018 | Acustom

1. Reselling and Distribution

Acustom Ltd. offers opportunities for companies who want to offer their customer, customized premium design speakers that fit any interior whether office…
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28.10.2018 | Acustom

2. Business branding

Acustom design speakers are made for business branding. Please find out different businesses that we are working with and explore how customizable…
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28.10.2018 | Acustom

3. Technology

Are you searching technology for the products such as speakers, workspace, office pod, smart furniture? With the Acustom audio modules we are…
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13.01.2019 | paulihanninen

Where to buy

 FINLAND         Audiomania Messeniuksenkatu 5, 00250, Helsinki+358 40 760         Hifistudio Helsinki Fredrikinkatu 38, 00100, Helsinki…
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15.12.2017 | paulihanninen

Recommendation campaign 2017

To celebrate the New Year, Acustom Speakers offers RECOMMENDATION CAMPAIGN 2017.   1. Buy a COAX or FURA speaker pair and receive…
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13.12.2017 | paulihanninen

Hifimaailma 2017 COAX Review

To celebrate the excellent review, we’re giving away an Acustom COAX design speaker with a DOME speaker cover of your choice. Just…
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21.06.2017 | paulihanninen

How it all started

For 15 years, Pauli Hänninen built his own speakers out of his own passion, always improving the sound quality. The speakers were…
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