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2. Business branding

Express your company brand through Acustom's branded sound solutions

Acustom design speakers are made for business branding. Please find out different businesses that we are working with and explore how customizable design speakers could fit your business need.


a) Art and design brands

Acustom design Speakers are a perfect match for any, individual designer or artist, or designer brand company who has proprietary prints and designs, or art. The fully customizable domes and high-quality dome-surface tailoring process allow your unique designs to be realized with great sounding speakers to delight your customers.


b) Conference rooms

Acustom design speakers fit any conference room, environment or space. You can situate this compact speaker pair and angle them to get the best result for your conference audio needs and the interior design requirements. The Bluetooth feature enables seamless user experience. Gone are the days of “how to connect, how to use, or do you hear any sound?”. Focus on getting results from your meetings with the saved time and hassle. Let media and people take frontstage with Acustom.


c) Fairs and Expos

Acustom design speakers are the pathway to bring sound and looks to a new level in expo presentation. Increase the partner and customer experience with awarded sound and looks that speak your brand.

When the time is for a new fair/expo, you can always customize new domes to meet the new need and create a whole new experience to your audience.


e) Hotel and hospitality business

Acustom design Speakers deliver the premium experience with the awarded sound and looks that align with the rest of the interior décor of the room, suite or special conference room environment.

The customer experience for high-end and luxury can be continued with the vivid and powerful audio performance of Acustom speakers. The combination of sound and looks will mesmerize your clients and enhance the overall premium experience of their stay at your establishment.


f) In-store Experience

Acustom design speakers fit any store, boutique, restaurant, and spa & beauty establishment that dutifully transcend your clientele atmosphere or ambiance you expect to deliver. These compact speakers will fit your business space with agility. They deliver a lifelike soundstage and amaze with adaptability to your interior décor or brand look.


g) Experience and leisure

Acustom design speakers deliver an award-winning audio performance with a look you want. Bring about a new wave of sound and looks in harmony to your employees, partners and customers. Whether it is for relaxation, meditation, prayer or wowing and bringing the house down – Acustom speakers are always up for the task. Interchangeable and customizable domes promise looks for now and the future. You can also hold on to the domes and make your own history collection for display.

These speakers are amazing. Excellent sound and superb looks, great concept.

Customer at IFA Berlin 2018


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