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For 15 years, Pauli Hänninen built his own speakers out of his own passion, always improving the sound quality. The speakers were always quite ordinary by their looks: black or brown wooden boxes, sometimes even white. Despite the experiments with different colors, the speakers never actually seemed to fit his home’s interior design, which was confirmed by his wife. He also tried finding suitable solutions already on the market, but there were no products that would meet both the high demand of sound quality and the required design aesthetics.

In 2014, Pauli got the idea of a hemispherical shaped speaker and made the first prototype. When family and friends got excited about the design, he thought he might be on to something different. He continued the development, and our company, Acustom, was founded in 2015.


Pauli Hänninen, the founder of Acustom.


Acustom’s first two years consisted of intensive product development and fine tuning the manufacturing process with various collaborators. As one of the results, the inner shell of the speaker is manufactured by 3D printing in Acustom’s own facility.

The speaker’s steel cover, named DOME, is widely customizable with a large variety of colors, custom graphics, different surface material, such as concrete, leatherette, rusty steel etc. You can also order DOME with your own design or logo. Thanks to the innovative magnet attachment, it’s also very easy to change without any tools.

Even though the customizability is a large part of the Acustom filosophy, sound quality is just as important.The integrated 2 x 50 W Class D amplifier is equipped with a high-end DSP chip. The sound quality is top-notch. We promise.

Acustom speakers are designed and made in Finland.